What Someone with Depression wants you to know

Depression is a mood disorder that is accompanied with darkness, despondence and loneliness. It is a disease that transforms the very personality of an individual – by affecting the way he/she feels, thinks or behaves in daily life. There can be several causes of depression and the common ones include family history of depression, major life changes, trauma, stress, certain physical illness, addiction and medications.

Some of the common symptoms that signify its presence are persistent sadness, fatigue or loss of energy, reduced interest in activities once enjoyed, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, inability to think clearly, problem concentrating, or difficulty in taking decisions, sudden weight change, insomnia and suicidal thoughts. For an individual to be diagnosed with depression, it is important that he/she must have experienced its symptoms for at least two weeks.

Things people with depression wants you to know

It is true that depression is a silent killer that often leads to hopelessness and sadness. However, loved ones need to go beyond this level to understand how and what someone with depression feels like. There are several misconceptions and myths associated with the disorder. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of the condition so that you do not hurt the sufferer by your actions or words. Here are some tips that can help one understand what a depressed person wants you to know.

No doubt, depression is painful and debilitating. Therefore, it is important for one to stay strong and fight against every circumstance that might trigger its development, On the other hand, it is also important for his/her friends and family members to be supportive and offer care as loving someone with depression is a great tactic to help him/her overcome depression.

Helping someone with depression might seem to be a tough task but it actually is not. To know about some simple tips to deal with this mental health issue, read: How to cope with depression


Staying positive and hopeful can make it easier for an individual to recover from any trouble in life. One must realize and accept the fact that mental health issues are common and therefore, one must not lose hope or feel demotivated as standing strong is something that’s essential to attain recovery. Stay positive and life will get easier soon.

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