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I am Christina Hendricks- a mental health blogger with around a decade of experience in writing about mental health and the associated issues. It is an unfortunate fact that even today, mental health issues are a big concern worldwide. Through my writings, I strive not only to de-stigmatize mental health by mirroring the realities of living with mental health conditions, but also to persuade people with such issues to seek timely support. In short, I am on a mission to fight the mental health stigma and create awareness about this lightly taken subject. Hope to see you joining my brigade!

We are a team of mental health enthusiasts who are running a virtual “mental health” movement. MentalHealthZen.com is your one-stop source of information on all matters pertaining to mental health. Our aim is to create awareness about issues on mental health and to break the shackles of conventional mindsets that do not allow people to seek help for mental health disorders. We endeavor to provide a daily dose of positivity that can help you learn ways to condition your mind and enable you to know that help is available. Our key belief is that mental illness is not the end of the road. One can always start afresh, from this moment on to create a life of their dreams, despite and in spite of mental illness.
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What Inspires Us?

It is a fact that many of us, after experiencing setbacks and failures in our lives, give up and cease to try again. This happens because our mind gets conditioned to see only barriers, even if they don’t really exist. By doing so, we tend to forget that the key to success lies in challenging one’s limits and not letting the limits challenge us.

This is what inspires our team to keep sharing motivational content through this platform so that more and more people can benefit. We strongly believe that no individual should get stigmatized by what others think about mental health issues. Instead people should persevere to get themselves treated the way they would do for any illness or injury. Trust us, recovery is as real as the illness but lack of faith can make it impossible.

What can you find on MentalHealthZen?

Through this platform, we bring to you a repertoire of:

Inspirational narratives: Sometimes, we learn better from people who inspire us. Here you can read real-life tales of celebs, sports stars, geniuses and people alike who have given mental health conditions a tough fight and gone on to lead successful lives.
“Food for thought” articles: Want to know what’s happening in the world of mental health and how perspectives of people are changing ? Stay tuned to “Food for thought”.
Tips that can make a difference: Often, there are simple ways to handle difficult situations. By learning self-care tips and ways to deal with tough situations, one can learn to make every obstacle a stepping stone.
…..and more.


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